Ohau in the distance from SH8


Lindis Pass (el. 971 m.)

Mackenzie District, Canterbury and North Otago

South Island, New Zealand

Olympus XA (Agfa Visa 100 Expired)

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Bright Colored Night


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B&TAILOR Navy Seersucker Jacket

B&TAILOR Wool Muffler

hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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Di Maestro trousers — From our latest collection to arrive from Italy, these slim-fit trousers are made from a woolen pearl grey flannel and feature the details of a well-crafted pant. The interior features a two-part waistband with an interior pleat so it rest better on the hips, a split-back alterable waist, durable washed canvas cotton pocketbags, coin pocket and a tailor button-fly with extended tab closure. The buttons are crafted from buffalo horn that have been burned to bring about a unique color and smoothness. 

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they don’t take a lot of pictures of the eiffel tower from this angle so i thought i’d share one.

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